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About the Candles

Before pouring a single candle in our Production House we made sure we were using some of the best ingredients that would result in an exceptional candle of superb quality. Here is a bit of what we've done to achieve this goal:

• Our candles are made with a proprietary blend of wax consisting mostly of coconut (Serendipitous Fact: the coconut in our wax is sourced almost exclusively from the Philippines). We love coconut wax because it's eco-friendly being sourced from sustainable crops. Additionally, coconut wax tends to burn cleaner than many alternative waxes, provides a more natural and true scent, and finishes with a beautiful white color. 

• The wicks in our candles are made from a blend of cotton and paper which makes them entirely lead- and zinc-free, and allows them to burn a bit cleaner and leave less carbon build-up. 

• The fragrance oils used in our candles are all phthalate-free. While phthalates in fragrance oils are considered safe, we'd rather use oils without them because in this case, less is more.

• From start to finish, every step of the development, production, and completion process is meticulous and carefully executed to repeatedly achieve the type of quality you should expect from a local hometown company.