Our Story

Every business has a story, and every story has a beginning. Here is a little bit about our story and what inspired the WYO Candle Co.

In August of 2018 we began the journey of international adoption to bring home our two beautiful daughters from the Philippines. As part of this process we put together several local fundraisers. One of these fundraisers was a Pop-up shop where, among other handcrafted items, we decided to pour soy wax candles by hand. We created the Joyful Jasmine candle because jasmine is the national flower of the Philippines. We also developed two other scents and named one candle after each daughter, the Ella Orange and the Rose Bud. This trio of candles would affectionately be called the Ellrose Collection. It was because of this labor from the heart that we fell in love with candle making, developing custom scents, and the depth of artistic creativity available at every stage of the process.

A few short months later the WYO Candle Co. was established. We wanted to incorporate the things we love about Wyoming, the West, the outdoors, and the Ellrose Collection that inspired us at the start, and harness it all into rugged, beautiful, sophisticated, and high-quality candle collections with scents everyone would appreciate. Our aim is not to simply be a candle company, but a lifestyle company producing excellent candles where every aromatic experience is enjoyed for its own sake and may also serve as a wonderful reminder of a good time, favorite place, or meaningful occasion. 

Give Back: Helping Children 

Throughout our international adoption journey we have received the most incredible support from family, friends, our local community, and even complete strangers. We have also been introduced to the unique challenges facing older children waiting for a forever family and hoping to be adopted. Because the Ellrose Collection was originally intended to help support our own adoption, we knew giving back to other adoptive families and providing a voice for this issue was something that had to be a part of the company vision from day one. Here's what we're going to do: Every year a portion of sales will be donated to a local family in the adoption process and to organizations that specifically aim to help older children get adopted into a forever family.